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CCTV Streaming for Schools

Are we worried about a secured and safe environment for kids in school?

These days we hear so much wrong is going in schools that can not be controlled or be watched out. In fact, the bigger the school, the harder it is to be observed. In the current time, the CCTV cameras prove to be a powerful tool to help keep the schools safer and more comfortable to be under surveillance. Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. brings you the best Video Surveillance technology. It makes your school a lot safer since we know that a school is a place where everyone should feel protected.

What is CCTV Streaming for Schools?

CCTV streaming for schools is a system in which security cameras are placed at different places in the schools’ area. These places are hallways, classrooms, playgrounds, building perimeters, common areas, etc. Thes are not installed where the desired level of privacy is required, such as bathrooms.

The parents, teachers, and authorized people get direct access to these CCTV connections, and they can see live streaming of what is happening in school premises. Parents are much sensitive to their children nowadays. The rising number of crimes have turned their mind towards this sort of technological measures. Even it can detect fire-related incidents, and VESDA (Aspiration Fire Detection System) can be activated with the help of CCTVs. Therefore, these days, so many schools are investing in this type of surveillance systems.

How is CCTV Streaming Beneficial?

You will be benefitted in several ways by installing this system in schools. Not just the school itself, but parents, students, and the whole staff gets benefits from it. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy after having it installed:

Deters Thieves, Car Thefts, Burglars

Any of the criminal act is not out of the reach of these security cameras. These are available 24*7 to keep an eye on all wrong actions and find the culprit right at the moment.

Student and Teacher, Both Get Benefitted

Several harassment cases are reported usually in schools. Teachers harass students, and in many ways, students also harass teachers, ut without proof they ‘can’t be trapped.

So, in these cases, the feelings of students and teachers remain intact who are being harassed by someone else.

Keep an Eye on Visitors and Their Activities

Each of the visitors, their activities, rules followed by them & violated by them get captured in the camera. It’s easy for the administration to keep an eye on these people who break the rules, and this ultimately helps them take corrective actions on time.

Satisfaction with Parents

For parents, nothing is important than their ‘kid’s security. When they find the place or school being secured for their child, they feel the peace of mind. Now they ‘don’t feel any dissatisfaction or worry about their kids as they will have a transparent approach of their ‘child’s protection.

Full Stop to Bullying

This major issue arising so often in ‘today’s schools is needed to be addressed. With camera installation, this issue can be addressed in a significant way.

Why Should You Opt Us?

Vouch Protection Services Pv. Ltd. is inevitably an excellent source for the best security solutions. You don’t have to bother and wander for security solutions in the market as these are proven solutions well-tested by our experts. Once you get it, you will assuredly be satisfied with its performance.

Besides all these features, you will get many more advantages after reaching us. You can contact us and share your requirements regarding CCTV streaming for schools.

Our CCTV Streaming system is enriched with:
  • Assured quality
  • Live stream
  • Work with Wi-Fi and mobile data both
  • Administrative monitoring system