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Data Center Security

Every field from the government sector to private industries, the probability of fire in the Data Centers is high.

A small fire in electronic equipment causes massive damage. Not just fire, but there might be many more issues regarding data security. A reliable solution is required for the proper functioning of the business. The best fire protection system provider, Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. offers you a highly efficient system at an affordable cost. Our solution covers the overall security of data from any harm or hazard.


What is Data Center Security?

Data Center Security is a practical technique to protect against threats and attacks and is a very convenient technology for every organization. It is used to store essential business data. Its purpose is to keep data secure and private. It provides complete server security with 24 × 7 monitoring, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention.

We provide comprehensive solutions for data security, subsuming, FM200, Glass Flooding System, Aspiration Fire Detection (VESDA), CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Rodent Repellent, Water Leakage Detection, and many other solutions are given. These solutions ideally save the data from any harm. If data is not secured, then surely it would prove fatal for your whole business. So, data security is necessary that helps save data from theft or any cyber attack.

Services Covered in this combo solution:

It is not only useful for IT sectors but is also available for the most reliable fire protection/detection systems. Fire detection and suppression systems detect a fire and then extinguish within seconds by discharging a clean suppression agent. During a fire test facility demonstration, engineers fire in a data center to test the difference between a fire extinguishing system and a water sprinkler system.

So, the data security package is a complete package of protection of entire data.

  • Physical Security of Data Centers
  • Security to Data from Theft
  • Restricting Access
  • Server Security
  • Network Security

How does data center security help to improve business/Industry growth?

Data centers store data and securely lock data through backup and thus are very helpful for the development of the industry. Apart from this, Datacenter security provides services such as:

  • Data Recovery
  • Data management
  • Networking

Data centers reduce the cost of running centralized computing networks and servers. It always holds sensitive or proprietary information.

If data is safe, then you can go safety further. So, it improves the industry growth and escalates the profitability with more protection and shield over data.

Why is Data Center Security necessary for every industry?

The answer relies on the need of having a tight data center security.

High Efficient systems provider Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. is the world’s leading company in the development and manufacture of fire detection and security systems. The company was founded in 2009, and until now, it has achieved a milestone in the industrial sector. Due to the high demand for its system, this company is exporting successful fire protection system on a large scale for data center security worldwide.

The need arises because:
  • Problems such as data theft arise in every business and industry, and industrialists have to face it. Data is kept secure from cyber attackers with the help of the data center.
  • The risk of fire in a data center is as dangerous as the risk of cyber attackers.
  • Once the data gets lost, then company’s existence reach at the extinction.

Get an accurate system for data security only and only from Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. Give us a call today.