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Fire Suppression System

Safe commercial space is a prelude to effectiveness and efficiency in work and output. If your workers don’t feel safe as your organization doesn’t possess a system to get protection from fire, then it will shave off the efficiency of the whole organization. It’s imperative to install a Fire Suppression System that suits all business applications for a more secure environ. The role of fire suppression system cannot be underestimated and Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. understands this fact thoroughly. So, we provide top-notch quality Fire Suppression Systems that are enough to protect the workspace in the best possible way.

What is the Fire Suppression System?

It is a set of components that typically work and specifically designed to extinguish fire accident. Usually, it is installed in the workplace, but can be used anywhere like a transport vehicle or anywhere one wants to install it.

The main four types of these systems are

Gas Flooding System

This system is filled with nitrogen gas to eliminate the fire. It extinguishes the fire by performing a chemical reaction with it. This system is best used in switch rooms, data rooms, communication rooms, etc.

Fire Hydrant And Sprinkler System

These are typically installed within the premises and fight fire with water supply. It can also be the dry type which remains empty usually and get charged with water during emergency via pumping appliance of the fire brigade.

Water Mist Based Fire Fighting

It causes oxygen effect starving instead of cooling effect, so can be used for electrical rooms. In big data rooms, it has replaced sprinklers with its efficient performance.

Fire Extinguishers

It’s an active device used to protect from the fire in emergencies. It controls small fires and can’t be used for uncontrollable fire.

How Does It Work?

Fire Suppression System works systematically to protect the area and people from fire. In this basically, three steps are followed by it:

  • Smoke detection
  • Using a blend of heat removal system and Oxygen reduction system
  • Bells and electronic sounders combined used to detect the smoke and ultimately stopping the alarm when it gets detected.

So, a well designed and efficient Fire Suppression System works by detecting smoke first. After it, it abates the heat by 6% approx and reduces Oxygen by around 14%. After smoke detection and reducing heat & oxygen levels, the fire alarm automatically turns off.

Why Should You Opt for A Fire Suppression System?

Well, why not? If you are getting such a reasonable option to save your property and people from fire, then you shouldn’t take time in deciding. Still, here are the benefits that you can enjoy by installing it at your space:
  • Universal Usage

Its usage is not confined to one place or area, instead, you can use it to smallest to the largest unit and can be used anywhere as it can fit any environment. There are several sorts of Fire Suppression Systems are available and whatever choice you have made, you will find each of these fitting to all your requirements.

  • Easy to Use

These systems are quite easy to use. Though the modern systems are designed to have the least human intervention, still in emergencies, it provides rights to humans to intervene and uses it. It’s quite simple to operate.

  • Detection Before it’s Too Late

Backed by the latest technology, Fire Suppression System detects the fire too early and this immediate response of these protectors helps you saving your material on time.

  • Success-Oriented

Fire Suppression System has been prepared by extensive testing by the experts to check its adherence to safety and performance standards. So, all the options provided by Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd is success-oriented, ensuring assured performance and results.

  • Removal of Fuel Sources

The powerful agents of Fire Suppression System help in eliminating the fuel sources automatically and stop fire occurrence. Fuel sources give a push to fire and ignite it to a great extent. Fire suppression system controls it invariably.

Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. prepares all these options by keeping the end-user, performance, and quality in focus. Just give us a call and book your order now by sharing all your specifications with us.