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Industrial Security Solutions

For the proper growth of industries, their security is a prelude.

A comprehensive security approach is crucial; without having it, it’s nearly impossible to run an enterprise by touching the heights. Industrial Security subsumes a wide array of security solutions that keep the industrial operations intact. It keeps all the harms at bay and let your industry, grow & touch the heights. For this, you need to rely on active partners that can bring such revolutionary protection to your industry, and that one is, Vouch Protection Services Pv. Ltd.

What Criteria Does Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. Follow?

Industrial security is relatively a big concept. It needs to be done by following proper criteria. We at Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. works with planning and step ahead by following specific rules.

Our Approach Subsume:


Planning is necessary to have an ideal and reliable protection policy. Our plans depend upon the requirements of a particular industry. After considering and having a complete view of the industry, we prepare plans.

Our plans include overall security measures, including Boom Barriers, CCTVSurvellience, Fire Extinguishers and all related fire controlling systems, Fire Hydrants and many more security measures that help you stay safe and securely carry on your job.


After effective panning, our work starts on its application. The organizational and technical measures are adequately taken care of and solutions reintegrated for the best results.

100% Availability

We remain active for full time and available to address your issues whenever you face it. You can get the best and reliable security solutions all the time besides having direct contact with us all the time.

Industrial security solutions help you deal with potential risk if these are implemented in the right way. A reliable source is necessary to make a protective shield which can have a thorough research of your industry and then put in the right & reliable measures.

How Would Industrial Security System Benefit You?

There is a wide array of reasons that directly manifest that industrial security system is quite beneficial for you. Have a look:

  1. Check on Theft

CCTV surveillance systems keep everything inside and outside the industrial area. By installing it, you can stay tension free from any risk of theft. The assets and equipment can be safely kept at the factory premises and thieves can be detected if any of such issue arises.

  1. Hike in Managerial Efficiency

Technical security solution helps in completing the review and inspection process within the least period. The remote areas can be viewed with the help of CCTV systems. The benchmarks and deadlines can be tracked easily with the help of these security measures.

3. Protection from Fire

We protect your premises from any fire hazard quickly with the help of our fire control measures. Our fire protection solutions are enriched with:

  • Better cooling effects
  • Characteristics favoring the environment
  • Highly efficient to suppress high flames

So, you can safely install our system to have complete control over fire.

  • No toxic problems
  • Water damage to the minimum
  • Immediate activation
  • Shorter downtimes
  • Better shielding
  • Minimum space requirements

4. Elevate Productivity Level

Now you don’t need to wait for a supervisor as our security solutions can help you have a complete view of the area you want to track. This 24*7 surveillance helps you keep everything under control and enhance the efficiency of employees. It ultimately helps in elevating the productivity level.

Why Should You Count On Us?

Bring your secured helping hand; we exclusively work on contributing to overall security measures viz. it’s IT security or physical security. Our well-experienced team, including manufacturers, operators, integrators provide their part in bringing the required amount of automation in systems. We believe in transparency and work by sharing all details that ou patrons need.

Contact us now and secure your workplace and make it safe in all regards.