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Perimeter Security System

Securing the outdoor site is a prelude to inside security. But usually, people feel short of best and certified systems that can secure the areas with all the possible ways and in an entirely natural way. However, this wouldn’t be a problem for you anymore as we, Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd., has brought the best solution in the face of Perimeter Security System. This proven way will not just keep your firm intact but also ensure easy detection of intruders simultaneously.

What Benefits You Can Enjoy by Installing Perimeter Security?

A Completely Proven and Effective Solution- Perimeter Security!

Despite heavy rains, snow, winds, hail, birds, animals, or any outer disturbance, it works well and bestows with the excellent performance. It can be operated in even cold, dry and hot environments. Our solution is quite well and practical to use, and you will not complain about any single thing for sure.

The litany of benefits is too long. Here’s what you can get

  • People security intact with a safer work environment
  • No false alarms
  • Detects the intruders so quickly with a perfect security solution
  • No further breach on the part of security
  • Protection to assets and intellectual property
  • Accelerating goodwill of your business among customers
  • Customization is available for the tailored needs of customers
  • Stress level reduces automatically with an enhanced level of security
  • Properly ensures that all requirements and safety standards have been complied with
  • It starts protecting your workers and assets right after it is installed, without any delay

Here’s the briefing of its functions

Boom Barriers

Barrier system has some specific requirements and standards in terms aspects such as height, load-bearing ability, and much more. If you are one of them who installing the barrier system for the first time, it is cautious about getting some advice and guidance from the professionals.

Automated motorized gates

The security parameters differ from firm to firm. From the options of fencing to gates, everything is considered by an organization to keep the outer security intact. Amidst all these options, the most secured one is fixing Automated Motorized Gates.

Parking Management

Parking space is an ever-rising issue that people are facing at large. Due to the rapid increase in population, the rate of people buying vehicles is also increasing. It is giving rise to the issue of parking space, which is decreasing day by day.

How Does It Work to Provide A Fully Secured Environ?

This system contains inbuilt sensors which consistently measure wire tension. Fence structure movement and vibrations get easily detected, monitored, and reported by this system, ensuring a safer work environment for the workers at large.

Without even awarding the intruders, intrusion can be detected with or without energy pulse. The sensor is triggered beforehand, which activates the alarm of that particular zone. This allows guards to keep their focus in the areas where their attention is needed the most.

This system is attached to an imaging system that provides direct visual and audio effects to the concerned person sitting on the other end. It keeps the record and showcases the live stream as well, so, if anything wrong happens, then it can be easily detected by installing this system.

Why Should You Opt For Our Solution?

Though it’s not hard to find fire detection system vendors getting the best one complementing transparent services and provide excellent quality products is not easy as a pie. However, Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. is enjoying the top and unsurpassable image in the world of Fire Detection Systems for a long time.

Not just the ready-made solutions, but we are also specialized in providing tailored made solutions fitting specifically to all your requirements. We can customize the design that will best suit to specifications shared by you with us.

So, you can get it prepared from us any time. Just give us a call and get your solution ready right away.