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Rodent Repellent System

Inadequate maintenance, unhygienic surroundings, and abysmal cleaning standards are typically the ways to welcome infectious rodents within the workplace. These unsuitable conditions for humans are perfectly suitable for mice and all other rodent species. Gone are the days when traditionally equipment was enough to trap them. Nowadays, those conventional ways are not capable of repelling all these dangerous rodents.

But worry not, when Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. is here to provide best solutions when it comes to security concerns. We are here to offer you the best rodent repellents by installing which, you will never feel the need of opting for any other measure.

What is Rodent Repellent System and What Are Its Functions?

A unique rodent repellent solution has been derived by us that keeps all diseases and loss at bay by controlling rodents at the workplace. The traditional trap systems don’t work today because of the increasing number of rodents and their fast speed. So, this solution can bring the best results by monitoring and controlling rodents in the work area. Especially in significant infrastructure and warehouses, it becomes imperative to choose & install the practical and proven solutions for instant results.

Here are the functions of Rodent Repellent System

  •  Save the area from costly damage that rodents might do
  • Provides safety to space from all harmful insects and rodents
  • Besides repelling rodents, it keeps the safety of food items and employees intact with it
  • Works for a long time, so you need not worry about taking a new one frequently or right after installing

How Could Rodent Repellent Serve Its Best Purpose?

Detecting the signs of infestations like seeing a rat either dead or alive, means detecting rabies, asthma, and many other dangerous diseases. These insects and rodents are the leading cause of unfurling parasites and viruses which don’t just harm the factory products but also make the whole environment infectious. As a result of it, the surroundings become unhealthy for the employees working over there.

Here rodent repellent solution serves the best purpose beyond any doubt. You can use it anywhere anytime and let these rodents stay away from the workplace forever. However, for its proper working, you need to adopt some precautions, which are as follows:

  • Eliminate the sources that attract rodents
  • Eliminate water, food and shelter sources
  • Keep the surrounding hygienic and clean
  • Keep the bins clean on time
  • Keep drawers and cupboards properly clean
  • Don’t overlook any area and keep everything adequately ventilated and hygienic

Besides binging negative consequences on the health of employees working there, rodents are responsible for damaging electrical cables, clothes, food items, and many other aspects that are present in the workplace. Catching them with other media is not easy as they are smart & fast creatures which can escape easily from the traps.

Especially if we talk about factories or warehouses, their numbers are in hundreds there, and mere old trappers are not enough at all. You surely need a way that is cost-effective, performance-oriented as well as durable to use in the long run.

Why Should You Take Our Rodent Repellent Solution?

Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. works exclusively to save the work environment and make all things better for best outcomes. Our rodent repellent solution is the safest one for the whole working environment that is not here to harm any employee or worker. But ensure that no rodent will remain within the factory space.

Our solution deters and repels all rodents, including voles, mice, rats, etc. to nest or rest in any area. Not just for factories, but our solution is suitable for schools, food establishments, hospitals, vehicles, warehouses, bakeries, and any other space where you need a proven solution to keep all rats away.

Share your details with us and order this fantastic & efficient solution to repel rodents thoroughly.