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Solution for Corporate Offices

Whether you run a small corporate office or a huge commercial organization,

You always need a comprehensive commercial security system to make it safe. One solution might not serve your purpose well, and you will require a combination like intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, fire detection, and 24/7 monitoring. Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. has got you covered entirely.


What is our security solution for corporate offices all about?

We take it pride in being the industry leaders for years. To make your corporate offices secure, Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. has integrated with best of safety solutions and certified technicians, to cater all your needs under one roof. This perfect combination can help provide a turnkey solution for your corporate office. From the initial consultation and design to the final installation and commissioning, everything will be done with utmost perfection.  Plus, our service are backed with 24/7 on-call support.

How our security solutions for corporate offices help you?

Video Surveillance Systems

When you want to safeguard your employees and workplace from intruders, this is the best way to keep your entire office under control. Not only it ensures the overall safety, it also gives you live footage in real time. So you don’t need to worry for break-ins, vandalism and all other crimes anymore. Working in a more safe and secure environment certainly increases productivity.

Public Address Systems

Basically, these are used to equally spread the sound within or even outside the edifice. With help of these systems you can efficiently deliver the instructions to all he staff members and declare the state of emergency, when required. Sharing important updates turns simpler as these systems capture enough attention with the loud announcement. Moreover, these are quite easy to operate and maintain.

Fire Alarm Detection

For all those big buildings, you require a full-proof fire detection system. We offer an advanced system that help in making the building secure and the people residing therein safe. Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. offer different types of fire alarm detection solutions including conventional system, addressable system, and aspiration system. All of them come with audible alerts that help you hear the alarm even in the farthest place and let you escape from the fire on time. Plus, it is highly flexible and can be installed anywhere.

Access Control

If managing the crowd and keeping them safe is turning problematic, you need to dig in for access control management. As this system set policies and roles for each other’s identity, it makes management easier for security concerns. With Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. you can have RFID based solution, biometric based solution, face detection based solution, and asset management. Basically, it helps managing the safety and healthy perspectives of employees.

Why Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. Makes The Best Choice?

When you want a fully integrated solution which consist of several security components, and can help identify potential risks for corporate offices, we help you make a right choice. Not only have we offered wide range of security systems, but also different value-added services to guarantee 100% safety. When integrated together, these systems keep your assets and people secure, giving you the peace of mind you really deserve.

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