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Warehouse Security Solution

Have you been dealing with inventory loss?

Want to enhance employee safety? Or just need to sort compliance issues for your warehousing business? You have landed right. Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. has the answer to all your problems right here. We have been offering the finest range of security services to different businesses. Having a clear understanding of the number of safety and operational challenges a modern warehouse faces, we bring forth a combination of security solutions that serves all your need ideally.

What is warehouse security solution?

The traditional security systems are limited by the size and layout. For a modern warehouse, you will need multiple security options, right from the RFID tags to CCTV installation. In order to meet such challenges, you need a security service provide who have all these solutions at one place. Here Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. comes into play. While we can give you a constant view of your business, we can also ensure the security your employees. Hence, we meet the desire of your business operations completely.

How our warehouse security solution serves you the best possible way?


This technology helps you to identify and track tags associated with all the objects inside your warehouse. You can employ access control systems using RFID-based solutions that offer better security to your business premises, and you can expect higher productivity at low cost. While you get accurate and relevant management information, it significantly reduces the risk of theft and loss. Also it increases the visibility of your warehouse inventory and assets to ensure that your business run more smoothly.

Video Surveillance

Now you can safeguard the professionals working at your warehouse, and keep the entire property under your control sitting miles away. With advanced video surveillance you can monitor safety and security in a cost effective manner. While you get live footage on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere, it reduces the chances of break-ins, vandalism and all other related crimes.

Fire Detection

Installing fire detection system at your space renders several benefits to your warehouse. These systems come with audible alerts that let your workers escape from the fire on time. Being super flexible to install, you can have them anywhere in your building. Plus, these fire detection systems will send alerts on your smartphones to make you aware of the danger that might damage your property.

Why to trust Vouch Protection Services Pvt. Ltd.?

We consider your business as just your business. It is equally important to us. We work with passion, and promise you safety for the same. For this, we tailor you a comprehensive security solution to protect it from damages and intruders.

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